Friday, February 22, 2008

Poor Planning Leads to Poor Money Management

I have a prime example of why planning is important in managing your finances.

I traveled up to Atlanta Thursday evening because I have a few work meetings today. I'm planning to stay for the weekend to visit Mr. Be-Mine (I really need to give him a different handle on this blog) and to practice for the Marathon in March with my little brother and marathon running partner. Saturday my bro and I are planning to run/walk 20 miles which will be the most we've ever done at one time. We've been building up to this for the last several months and after this Saturday we're going to start stepping back the miles so our bodies can rest a little before the race.'s where the money aspect comes in.

So I'm unpacking Thursday evening and discovered I've packed three pairs of running tights, three shirts, three pairs of socks, and my running shoes but I failed to pack a single sports bra (sorry for the over share guys). RRRGG nothing is more frustrating than realizing you've left something 4 hours away.

Since I'm not willing to skip even one day of training let alone the long run with my brother I had to make a late night shopping run to try to find something that would make due. My late night shopping run meant I wasted money on something that I already have enough of to fill an entire drawer.

I hate spending money on my stupidity.

What about you, when have you made a dumb move that cost you money?

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