Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Looking a Gift Horse (or Truck) in the Mouth

Just got back from my Food Bank Volunteer Board Meeting and right now our focus is on the board is working on the biggest fundraiser of the year which is the Valdosta Derby Duck Race. The Grand Price for the winner of the event is a 3 year lease on a GMC Truck plus various assorted prices for 1st place, 2nd place etc..

A month ago I’d written a check for the adoption of 20 little rubber duckies. I’m not participating financially in the even to win it, but sitting in the meeting got me briefly thinking about winning. This is weird in itself since I never win anything, well almost never win anything, but I started thinking about winning the grand price and realized I don’t think I’d want to win.

So as I was driving back from the meeting I kept thinking of my daydream of winning and I came up with these reasons why I wouldn’t want to win a leased truck for three years.

  1. I love my current 2004 Honda Civic
  2. I can only imagine the gas mileage on that puppy is ridiculous and considering I drove by a gas station and it was $3.08 a gallon today (and that’s in Georgia ya’ll where our gas is one of the cheapest in the country). No thank you I’d still want to drive my 30 mile to the gallon Civic instead of a gas guzzler truck.
  3. Maintenance for a truck compared to my little compact is probably considerably more expensive although I don’t have any research on this, especially since this list was formed in the car.
  4. My car’s paid in full and I don’t think I’d want to get rid of it only to have to buy a new car in three years when the lease expires. And the alternative of just keeping my car and letting it sit for three years doesn’t work either because allowing my civic to sit would still require maintenance.

Nothing like hypothetically winning something for free and not even wanting it! My little fantasy on my drive made me realize that I’m extremely content and happy with my current mode of transportation.

What about you? Are you happy with your current ride? What if you won a 3 year lease on a Truck?

PS Thought I’d give a “shout out” to my favorite charity, America’s Second Harvest.

I’m a firm believer in putting your time and money where your heart is and I strongly believe that hunger is one of the most curable problems in this country and have long since been a regular weekly volunteer with America’s Second Harvest via the Atlanta Food Bank and now the South Georgia Food Bank. So with that ringing endorsement I wanted to give you all a chance to help out and feed those in need and participate in the Valdosta Derby Duck Race (you don’t have to be in Valdosta to participate). To participate just click here so you too can adopt a duck for a chance to win the GMC truck (and a few other odds and ins that personally I’d be much happier to winning).

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