Monday, February 18, 2008

Taxes -- The Good, The Bad, and the Plain Rude!

I never win anything - ever. I mean I never, not even the free lunch from the fast food burito place where you put your business card in the fish bowl so the insurance guy trying to sell you something can make a sales pitch.

So much to my surprise, I received an email today from Will at Wise Bread that read

Hi Future Millionaire, You are the winner of our TurboTax giveaway! I just need your name and address so we can ship the software to you. Thanks again for participating on our forums. Congrats! Will

I won the Turbo Tax give away! I actually won something, but now winning this makes me start to rethinking my original thoughts to get an accountant to do my taxes this year -- after all when you're provided something for free you should at least take advantage of it. For now I'm just going to sit tight, wait for the software, see if I like it and then make my decision. I'll at least go through the Turbo Tax software and if I decide not to use it, the run through could at least serve as a basis before I go to a professional for my taxes.

Although all of this is a little moot since I've still not received my W-2 yet! RGGGG, I've seriously been ready to get my taxes over and done with for the last two months but I've been waiting on my W-2. Supposedly it was mailed out on January 31st but its not made its way to me yet. I've checked with my co-workers and they all have received theirs, so last week I call up our Payroll department to see what's going on and received the worst customer service known to man. Granted our company has over 5,000 employees in the US alone but you'd think that if you all work for the same top boss man you're be nice to each other a little...but no. So after trying to politely explain to the most rude person known to man that I have not received my W-2 and wanted to see if they were still being distrusted or if I needed to request a copy. After much heartburn, finally I was told to fill out form 10-52-C (no joke that's the form number) located on our company's portal and fax to xyz number. So about two days after faxing in form 10-52-C I receive a phone call from a different person with the payroll department and was interrogated about if I'd lost my W-2, after assuring them I had not, swearing on my grandmothers grave, promising my first born child, and begging I was finally approved to receive a "duplicate" W-2 form. So we'll see if/when that comes.

As a side note about our wonderful payroll department, for the last 4-5 months our paycheck subs that we used to receive at our home address on paydays are now being received at home about 7-8 days later. Thank goodness the direct deposit still comes on pay day.

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