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The Future Millionaire Glossary

Editor's Note: Originally Posted on 3/12/08. One reader emailed and suggested I link the glossary terms to posts so here it goes...(ps I've not linked to every article these terms are referred to in, but I have tried to link some of them to the most "interesting" - hope it helps). I'll also try and update this as I go along.

Original Post:
I’ve received a few emails from readers about my ling-o and asking who/what some of the names I used as well as some back story of some of the people I talk about. So I thought I’d take a few minutes and give you the Future Million Glossary. Hope you enjoy! Let me know if there are any other terms that need to be added to the glossary.

ATL: Abbreviation for Atlanta, a large city of over 5 million located in Georgia. This was the home of Future Millionaire until accepting a “lateral growth move” that transferred her to V-town. After the completion of FM’s current job in April of 2008 she will be moving back to the ATL.

Big Daddy: A co-work of FM who she really likes for his wacky sense of humor and straightforward manner, named for recently becoming a father to a beautiful baby boy. FM was shocked to recently find out that Big Daddy and his wife, Big Mama, are in debt.

Big Spender: Also referred to as slacker (yeah yeah yeah - FM should really keep consistent terminology). Big Spender / Slacker is a co-worker of FM. From the posts about this person you can probably gather that he’s not her favorite person. Big Spender is in major debt and complains about it all the time and yet he fails to take any action to correct this.

Car Enthusiast: One of Future Millionaire’s long time friends. He also went to college with FM and is like a girlfriend to FM and The Councilor. Car Enthusiast is like the brother FM never had, oops wait FM does have two brothers, well like the third brother FM never had. PS Ladies he’s not gay, in fact he is single and looking for the right lady. Recently, the Councilor and FM have been on a search for the right woman for him since he’s never found the right fit – the current women The Councilor and FM are trying to set him up with is perfect for him, she just has to be convinced of it.

Cyclist: One of FM’s co-workers and an overall great guy. FM really enjoys his wisdom and patience. On a financial side he’s completely debt free, even has his mortgage paid off. FM is quite impressed with his financial “savy-ness” – not in investing because Cyclist hates the stock market, but in his ability to save and budget.

Debt: A Four letter word that FM plans never to have (with the exception of a future mortgage).

Financial Independence: FM’s goal for the future. FM see’s Financial Independence as a mathematical equation that reads: Passive Income = Desired Life Style Expenses.

Fashionista: One of Future Millionaire’s best friends. Fashionista was FM’s roommate in college and following graduation up to FM’s move to V-town. When FM returns to Atlanta, Fashionista will be FM’s roommate again. Fashionista works as a consultant for an Industrial Engineering Firm, she’s also really into fashion and high dollar items – she wouldn’t be caught dead without a designer purse and sunglasses.

FM: Abbreviation of Future Millionaire (see Future Millionaire)

Future Millionaire: The pin name for the author of Saving Savy by a Future Millionaire.

‘lil bro: FM’s youngest, younger brother who just turned 13 and lives in North Carolina. Unfortunately, FM rarely gets to see him since he lives about 14 hours away from V-town, but they exchange emails daily and when they see each other ‘lil bro likes to beat FM at a game of Wii bowling.

Mr. Be-Mine: Future Millionaire’s S.O. He first appeared in a post on Valentine’s Day and as usual Future Millionaire’s lack of creativity in naming people shined through so he was named after the Holiday. Rumor has it that Future Millionaire does not really like this nick name and is thinking of giving him a different name.

Mr. VP: FM's former Boss. A very funny guy and very knowledgeable about the industry.

My brother: FM’s older, younger brother. He currently attends U[sic]GA, which is one of Georgia Tech’s biggest rivals. My brother is studying to become an accountant so you can imagine FM’s excitement for him to graduate and start doing her taxes. Despite the geographical distance (not to mention the school alliance issue) my brother is also FM’s running partner for long races, in fact the Marathon running started due to a bet over college football pride.

My mom: FM’s dear mama, who she loves dearly and respects greatly – just not when it comes to money. My mom is a single parent school teacher who gave everything to provide a good home environment for my brother and FM.

Retirement: Something FM plans to be financially ready for in her 50’s, even if emotionally she’s not ready and keeps working well into her golden years.

Slacker: (see Big Spender)

Teach: FM has been friends with Teach for over 10 years - since freshman year of high school. Teach and her hubby are struggling to get out of student loan debt and buy their first house. Teach often overreacts to life and finances so she seeks FM to calm the waters and provide advice.

The Councilor: FM’s best gal pal. The Councilor, appropriately named The Councilor because she’s in grad school to be a career councilor, often provides the emotional side of life that FM sometimes forgets when she attacks problems in life with her engineering “get ‘er done” attitude.

V-town: Future Millionaire’s affectionate term for the city of Valdosta. Valdosta is a “small” town in South Georgia (approximately 4 hours south of Atlanta, Georgia). V-town is also the current location of Future Millionaire’s job and residence.

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