Friday, January 18, 2008

Progress on 2008 Goals --- Progress on obtaining Promotion

I just got back from the airport after being out of town for work since Tuesday and wanted to take a quick second to let you all know about an interesting conversation I had while out of town before I crash in bed since I've hardly slept in the last 4 days.

In my company the culture when you're traveling with a group of people is that you're expected to go to dinner and the hotel bar with everyone each evening (not sure how productive the next day meetings are since every one's usually pretty hung-over). I always end up staying up too late and my schedule gets all messed up, but at the same time I don't think I'd have it any other way because once you've socialized and "boozed it up" with the bosses you always get to know the inside scoop of what's going on in the company. You can find out who's performing and who's not, what's the next cooperate strategy that's going to roll out, etc etc etc -- its really invaluable knowledge you receive.

Thursday night one of the Vice Presidents and my old boss (soon to be my current boss once I move back to Atlanta) was talking about the problems that he's having in his department with some of the new hires and how he's is really looking forward to having me back to set an example as well as bring positive energy and enthusiasm for the job. We'll call him "Mr. VP" goes on and on about how I'm such a valuable asset. I'm taking this all in and listening to him and he continues on, so I'm thinking this is good that he recognizes I'm a valuable asset but I also realize the man's had about ten vodka tonics and he likes to talk. But "Mr. VP" goes on and says he wants to see me succeed and that when I come back in April we should sit down and talk about my career path. Again I'm happy but he's still drunk so he might be just talking but the next day at breakfast as "Mr. VP" is hesitantly drinking his coffee and shading his eye he asks me if I remember our talk last night, I say yes thinking he wants to let me know I should keep that info to myself since my career path wasn't all he talked about, but rather he says he wants to make sure that when I do come back in April that we talk about my career path because I'm a "super star" according to him and he wants to keep me challenged and happy. Inside as I eat my bagel I'm silently jumping for joy! Exactly what I need, some one in a high place that wants to help me get ahead and recognized that I'm good at my job.

Well thanks for listening to my exciting news, in April I'll have to let you all know how our talk goes, but for now I'm crawling to bed and won't resurface until late on Saturday.

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BK Brian said...

congrats! i know i've gone to law firm x-mas parties and all they say is BS, it's nice to see there are good bosses out there who recognize talent

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