Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Apartment Search - Something Sounds Fishy

As I've discussed in a previous post, I'm moving back to Atlanta in the middle of April. Last weekend in addition to run/walking 20 miles in preparation for the Georgia Marathon "Fashionista" and I went apartment hunting.

We'd already been internet hunting for sometime and had visited a few places but we just waiting on my official transfer notice before going any future with our apartment seach. Well last weekend we re-visted our top four places and fell in love with one complex and were ready to secure an apartment.

Unfortunately the only two apartments they had available for Mid-April to May were a ground floor unit that was right next to the entrance to the complex and the picnic areas. I veto'ed that one (I don't like people hanging outside my window - I had that in college and hated it). The other was on the 6th floor with an elevator only to the 4th floor of that building and Fashionista veto'ed that one (she doesn't do stairs). Our third alternative which was on the 3rd floor with an elevator and was an exterior unit (pretty much perfect for us) was coming available March 14th, well that was too soon and the apartment complex wasn't willing to hold it or compromise with us so we weren't paying a month for a vacant apartment.

The Assistant Property Manager said she'd talked it over some more with her bosses and see if we couldn't come up with a resolution and be in touch. Fashionista and I just decided to wait it out since I had from April 15 until May 30th to move and she is renting her current apartment month to month since the lease expired in January.

Yesterday at 6pm the Assistant Property Manager (APM) of the Apartment complex we want to live in sent an email to Fashionista and I that said:
"I wanted to let you know I have a new solution for you guys. We have two great apartments currently vacant in the floorplan you want - one is a top floor with courtyard view and one is a 2nd floor with courtyard view. I am able to offer one month free on these two bedrooms tomorrow only. I would be able to hold the apartment for 2 weeks, plus you would get 30 days free rent - oputting you at April 15th. They go for $1310/$1330. Give me a call tomorrow and we can discuss the option! Thanks,"

Huh?? My first reaction is what the heck is wrong with these two apartments, since all the units we looked at last weekend were $1360+ and why all of a sudden can they hold the apartment for essentially 6 weeks. I decided to call Fashionista who's out of town (out of Atlanta) this weekend at company retreat and see what she though. She's all for it. I then called APM,fortunately I'm in Atlanta and not V-town this weekend since all of next week I have to be in Atlanta for work, and scheduled an appointment today to tour the two vacant units today.

I'll have to update you all after I go.

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