Sunday, March 2, 2008

Its Offical - Future Millionaire has a new Apartment!

As promised here the update on My Apartment Search:

On Saturday, after receiving the email from the APM at the Apartment Complex Fashionista and I want to live in, I went over to check out the two apartments she had on special.

Neither one was perfect, they both were in the building we had originally veto'ed since it was next to Subway Tracks, but I was willing to consider since we liked the area and the complex.

After arriving there, I discovered that the subway train would be on the oposite side of the building from where both apartments were located. Standing outside of Apartment #2 I heard the subway coming and stepped back into Apartment #2 to see if you could hear the train and heard nothing. Hear No Evil Train, See No Evil Train, therefore I won't speak of an Evil Train. So that negated our original concerns about the subway being so close to this building.

Continuing on with the tour of the apartments:
Apartment #1 was on the second floor and the "courtyard" view was of the side wall of the parking deck with a vine growing up it. One floor below the the living room window was a picnic table and grill. But at least this was on the second floor and not the ground like the one we'd previous looked out. I still wasn't too thrilled about the lack of light and the noise from people at the grill. So onto Apartment #2.
Apartment #2 was on the top floor with a courtyard view of the tennis courts which are located on top of the parking garage - not crazy about the noise from the Tennis Courts but I figure that's farther away, blocked by some trees, so I'm more willing to consider it. Since Apartment #2 is on the top floor it had slightly higher ceilings, which made it feel much larger (I know there will be some heating and electric bill issues but its all about choices), plus since it was on the top floor and not blocked by the parking deck a lot more sun light came in, again making it feel larger. Over all I was really starting to like this unit. The one other thing to check out was the parking and access issue that was Fashionista's big concern. There is no covered parking on this level since the tennis courts are there, but you can park one level below and take the stairs which were about 20 feet from the front door of Apartment #2, or you can take the elevator which was about 50 feet from the front door.

I was still a little leery of this deal since it seemed so out of the blue, but had a long talk with the APM and felt comfortable and could see where a bird in the hand (us taking the apartment today) would be worth it to Apartment Management Company.

After the tour and the talk, I ducked out for a minute and call Fashionista to report, she agreeded that we probably couldn't get any better and that we liked the area, we liked the complex, and the apartment sounded great, even if there were a few compromises to make. We agreed that we should take the apartment today. I filled out our paper work and left a deposit. we just have to wait on approval of our application and we're good to move in on April 16th!

PS. The picture at the top is the floor plan of the unit we're going to be leasing.


Daizy said...

Cool floorplan. I like that it has 2 master suites. One thing I hate is sharing a bathroom!

JB said...

Sounds good - finally deciding on a place to live is a great feeling. Now the next part that will suck is actually moving. Congrats!

"Future Millionaire" said...

@ Daizy - Fashionista and I are most excited about the two bathrooms. Our last apartment that we shared, before I was transfered to Valdosta, had only one bathroom so it was always fun getting ready in the mornings.

@ jb - I'm with ya there - I'm really not looking forward to the actual moving. I really don't mind the packing but the actual lugging of boxes and furniture never makes my day.

Mom said...

Congrats! It looks nice. :) Happy moving!

Seb said...

Enjoy the new place! My wife and I are talking about moving to a new place once our current lease runs out. We're thinking of renting a house or condo from a private landlord. We'll see how it goes, since our lease doesn't expire until June.

BK Brian said...

subway? atlanta has a subway? god i need to leave nyc more

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