Saturday, March 1, 2008

PFBloggers Network

Yesterday I joined the PFBloggers Network and Aggregator, which is a network of Bloggers comprised of mostly newer blogs. From my perspective, its going to be a "support group" of sorts for those of us just starting in the world of blogger. For readers its a great way to explore newer less established blogs that are offering great new perspectives plus the PFBloggers Aggregator offers a place to check out recent posts and highlights from all the bloggers.

Prior to joining I've explored the other bloggers' sites and am most imprssed with what I've read and feel very comfortable in recommending their sites to you all . I hope you all will enjoy these new blogs as much as I do.

The PFBloggers Network consists of the following:

In Debt Blogger
Living Almost Large
Master Your Card
No Debt Plan
Our Fourpence Worth
Pinching Copper
Saving Savy by a Future Millionaire
The Social Marginal
Wide Open Wallet

For you use, I've added a new feature to the blog on the left hand side with links to all of the BFBloggers's sites.

Happy reading!


Master Your Card said...

Hi FM, thanks for the plug! How do you feel about an article exchange some time this week?

"Future Millionaire" said...

@ Master Your Card -- Sure I'm game for an article exchange.

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