Friday, May 2, 2008

Memberships have their perks

I'm going to share a few quick thoughts since I just got home from work and need to rush and change and get ready for the Opera! Yay!

My one thought for the day is that Memberships have their perks and often times more than pay for themselves.

I have 1/2 of a dual Young Patron Membership to the High Museum of Arts in Atlanta, primarily to take advantage of their foreign film festivals and Friday Night Jazz once a month. Its a great deal, essentially just visiting the museum 5 times more than pays for the membership not to mention the film festivals. But on top of that there's other great perks like discounts at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and for the Atlanta Opera. Tonight I'm able to attend the Atlanta Opera's Marriage of Figaro performance and sit in the Orchestra level seat which normally cost $123 for only $25 a seat. Talk about the membership paying for it self in just one event.

I know not everyone lives in Atlanta or is interested in these types of activities but there are a ton of other similar programs in other cities for various activities - I recommend checking them out if you can.

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