Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Round Up

I've had a lovely weekend. I was a single woman this weekend because Mr. Be Mine has been working out of town this week and unfortunately most of the work needed to take place on the weekend. I took full advantage of a very girly weekend. On Friday several of my girl friends and I went to see Marriage of Figaro, Saturday The Councilor was selling her hand made jewelry and coasters at a craft fair and she wanted help so I put on my old retail hat from my high school days and helped work the booth, then today after Church my mom and I went to the dollar theater and saw 27 dresses.

Wow! Just typing it makes me feel tired - but it was a most enjoyable weekend. And now for what you all really want...this weeks highlights from the PF Bloggers. Also don't forget to check out their links over on the left hand side to read all of their posts.

Highlights from this week include:

Johnathon at Master Your Card has started a new series call Life or Debt. For anyone in debt I highly recommend reading, these emotional aspects of being in debt are enough to prevent me form even considering it. I'm looking forward to the next in the series.

I appreciated Pinching Copper's Seb reposting his Why We Rent, especially since I'm starting to have doubts about continuing to rent. I'm at least renting for the next year since I just signed a lease with a roommate, but after this year I'm going to have to reevaluate.

Kevin at No Debt Plan shared his cash back stats for Amex Blue Cash Back. I too recommend the Amex Blue Cash Back, so far I have $81.72 in cash back, but unfortunately I think I'll catch up with Kevin since I keep having $50+ weekly grocery bills and the sad thing is I'm not buying anything out of the ordinary.

Mom at Wide Open Wallet shared about how she's able to purchase a Wii in part by selling coupons on Ebay. I've never thought of selling coupons, I appreciate the idea - I'm going to have to try that (first I have to find a little extra time in my life!).

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