Friday, April 4, 2008

March Net Worth Update

Somehow the end of the month just flew by me. I’ve finally updated my net worth and am most excited. I knew it would be increasing beyond my average $2,000 due to my tax refund and that I was well under budget for this past month. When I added everything up I was very pleasantly surprised to discover I’d increase my net worth far more than I anticipated.

Updated 4/3/08

Change from Previous Update

Updated 2/29/08

Total Net Worth




Net Worth Comprised of

Retirement Savings:








Roth IRA




House Down Payment/CD's:




Future Car Savings




Emergency Fund/Money Market:








I’m thinking that I should be over the $100,000 mark by mid-June. Maybe sooner, depending on when my bonus for the success of my current project is released.

PS I’ve spend a good bit of time working with networthiq but couldn’t quite obtain the format I wanted so I’ve decided to abandon that idea and stick with an excel spread sheet – its very easy to use and I have the flexibility to format it the way I want. I’ve yet again changed the format of my net worth on the left-hand side, I’ve decided to show the changes and previous net worth in this post and display only the updated numbers on the left-hand side bar. I think this will be all the changes to the format of my net worth.

1 comment:

JB said...

I think the Net Worth on the side looks great now! Very easy to read.

Congrats on making some big gains last month!

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