Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When to Buy a New Car?

This week I'm out of town taking at a Safety Training Class. When I travel I'm notorious for always forgetting something - but this time I forgot something that I can't easily run to the Hotel gift shop and replace - I left my jump drive with 4 pre-planned posts I wrote this weekend in anticipation of traveling this week. Normally I don't plan posts out but I did this knowing that my company's culture is when you're traveling in a group you go out to the bar each night and with the recent turmoil at work and "temporarily" disbanding my department I figure its in my best interest to continue the practice so I can get the real inside scoop about what's going in the company after the Big Wig's have a little to drink and are more free flowing with the real story.

I know I won’t have the time to spend quality posts and I don’t want to leave the blog dormant until Saturday especially when my comment contest is ending on Friday, March 28th. I was brain storming about my options today sitting in this training class (I know excellent use of time) and came up with a brilliant thought…an open discussion – rather than me post my views and then ask for comments I’d provide a topic each day and then follow it up next week with a detailed post with some resources and my two cents. Feel free to chime in with a topic if you have one you’d like to share about.

Okay so first topic…when’s the ideal time to buy a new car?

I’d been thinking of writing a post about this recently especially since Car Enthusiast just purchased a new. So let’s hear your thoughts when is the ideal time to buy a new car considering:
-Personal Timing
-Financial Timing
-Life of the Car Timing
Etc etc etc


Anonymous said...

The best time to buy a car is when you have done all your research. I know may people that get way to much car and regret it latter. If you are only driving in it a little car is wiser then a large pick-up. Also, if you need to haul stuff for work, then little car won't cut it.

Edmund’s is a great place to find out the true cost to own a vehicle. Also, they have a whole series on how car dealerships work. If you are up on all this information, then and only then is it a good time to go to the car dealership. If not you may be saddled with something you don't want. Also, getting pre-approved at a credit union is your best bet if you are not paying cash for your car. No loans longer the 36 month they just kill you with interest.

Remember there will always be another car if the price isn’t right. Just walk away… you will be amazed how much the price can go down. Especially with a bad economy… =)


Mom @ Wide Open Wallet said...

I think financial timing is the most important. But the life of the car can certainly play a part. Hopefully, the financial part and the life of the old car meet and you can afford a new car right when you need it.

"Future Millionaire" said...

Thanks annon and Mom for your comments. I'll be responding to your comments next week as well as some good resources.

Everyone else -- feel free to chime in with your thoughts and any personal stories.

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