Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stimulus Check is HERE --- I think...

Yay! I had almost given up hope on when I'd recieve my stimulas check but I think it will officially hit my account tomorrow.

I logged online to my bank just now in order to schedule payment for my power bill and noticed that my account balance was exactly $600 more than my available balance. When this happens it usually means that there is a direct deposit pending. So yay - I think my rebate check is coming.

For those of you who've not yet received your check you can check on the IRS website for the status of your check, just make sure to enter your exact refund amount and all of your other pertanant details to find out where your check is. The one catch is that the status check only works if your check has already been released per the IRS Schedule.

I hope you all enjoy your stimulus check as much as I am enjoying mine aka my new LCD TV.

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