Saturday, May 31, 2008

Net Worth Update -- June 2008

Updated 5/31/08 Change from Previous Update Updated 4/29/08
Total Net Worth $104,853.72 $4,777.40 $100,076.32

Net Worth Comprised of

Retirement Savings: $29,559.78 $1,728.25 $27,831.53
401k $23,571.07 $1,347.39 $22,223.68
Roth IRA $5,988.71 $380.86 $5,607.85

House Down Payment/CD's: $57,244.83 $163.70 $57,081.13

Future Car Savings $5,300.72 $5,100.45 $200.27

Emergency Fund/Money Market: $11,207.28 -$3,738.37 $14,945.65

"Cash"/Checking: $1,541.11 $1,523.37 $17.74

I'm less than $150 away from my goal net worth for 2008 and the year is only half way over. YAY! This means I need to reevaluate my net worth goal. I have increased my net worth goal to $127,000. I came up with this number based upon my current net worth plus what I anticipate contributing to retirement via my 401k and Roth IRA ($10,250), plus what I anticipate receiving as a bonus after taxes from the project I just completed ($10,000), plus my monthly car savings for the next 6 months ($900), and then I added saving an extra $100/month and rounded up.

I think this new goal is definitely achievable but I will have to push myself to achieve it because it extends beyond my automatic savings.

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Anonymous said...

Well done on nearly reaching your full year Net Worth!

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