Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday's Money Funny - Cell Phones

One of the regular features on my blog is "Monday's Money Funny" which are humorous (at least to me) articles/jokes/just about anything that I've discovered over the weekend when I catch up on all my on line reading that spark a need for knowledge. For example the week before last’s was a helicopter pad being installed on the roof of a Hilton Garden Inn.

This week I thought I’d share an article from MSNBC the discusses how to choose a cell phone for your business needs.

Here’s some highlights from the article:

“Cell phones are becoming so complicated these days, just calling a business contact takes a bunch of strokes, beyond just dialing the number. And I keep hitting the stupid speaker button on my iPhone with my cheek, allowing everyone near me at the supermarket to hear my conversation while I’m ordering cold cuts.

Small business owners must be at their wits end when it comes to all the options cell phones offer these days. What’s right for your business? Is it worth getting 3-D maps, or voice controls, or GPS?

These are just a few of the new options phones are starting to offer, according to a Wall Street Journal story that ran this week.

But it got me thinking about whether having a phone with a nannycam is really something any business needs.”

I had to kind of laugh a little at the article – I mean shouldn’t it be pretty obvious to get the phone for your needs and not pay for the extra’s you don’t need. But then I started thinking, I received my phone bill last week and I have over 5000 roll over minutes so obviously I’m paying for extra’s I don’t need

So I did a little research and not just about minutes but also on other ways to save on you cell phone so here’s a few good articles for you to explore to help lower your cell phone bill.

Compare cell phone plans

9 ways to save on your cell phone

E how – how to save money on your cell phone bill

Stay tuned for next week's Monday's Money Funny. If you run across any Money Funnies please email them to me at and if I use them I will give you credit and link to your blog.

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