Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why "Savy"

So I was getting ready to add my post for the day when I realized I missed spelled my blog name and corresponding URL. I'm thinking oh great...this whole new idea of blogging is really going well...can't even get the correct URL. (said with only a touch of sarcasm in my voice)

I wish I had some clear come back as to my real motivations for calling it Saving "Savy" like it was intentional to make my blog specific, especially since I just realize someone else has a blog Saving "Savvy" or that I did it on purpose because I was saving that extra "v". Really it just further goes to prove that I'm an engineer and not an English major, but I try. So as you read through my blog please consider this is one *smart* chica, but no English major. :)

PS If you do know your grammar and spelling better than I do please feel free to correct any errors you see.


BK Brian said...

it should be misspelled not missed spelled

"Future Millionaire" said...

lol - further proof that English/Grammer/Spelling are not my strong suit. I apologize to all of you for having to read through my bad editing. I hope you can still enjoy the content of blog, even if the presentation is not impressive.

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