Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Investing -- So far this is Awsome!

I'm sick. I left work early today because I feel absolutely horrible and went to see the doctor turns out I have bronchitis. Lovely, but at least they gave me some good drugs.

On the positive side this means I have time to give you all an update on how it went with my financial adviser, Bob. The appointment went great, I've already met with Bob about 4 other times exluding the inital time visit where I interviewed him. In our appointments we've discussed everything financial under the sun from my tax advantages with a Roth 401k to which banks to put my house down payments and car fund, he's very patient with me which I love since I'm new to the finacial advisor business and am some what secptiacal every time he gives me advise so I quiz him to death about everything. This quizing and his patients have helped me to feel pretty comfortable with Bob. When I arrived for my appointment we spent a little over an hour reviwing the proposal he'd given me on my last visit about how he wanted to invest my investment money and how he'd mitigate my tax exposure with capital gains. After tons of research I'd already decided this was the direction I wanted to go but I still quizzed him with every question I still had and confirmed with myself that I was still in agreement. I then wrote the largest check I've ever written ($37,000) and handed it to him, signed a million papers and left his office feeling wonderful because I'd taken action and was now an investor --- not just a saver.

So far I have to say that this investing business is awsome...

January 27th I handed over my check for $37,000 to be put in a managed account. In less than two weeks my balance has increased to $37,416.97 which is about the same amount of interst I earned on all this money in a year. Don't worry I'm not getting too excited, I know that the actual dollor value of my investments will fluxate and most likely in the next year and maybe even sometime in the future my balance may even dip below my inital investment. But I'm in it for the long haul and have no intention of withdrawing any of this money for at least 30 more years.

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