Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Net Worth Update --- Looks Like the Stock Market Is Starting to Impact Me

Its July 1st which means that the 4th of July Holiday is right around the corner. It also means its time for me to update my net worth. Below is my new update.

Updated 7/1/08 Change from Previous Update Updated 5/30/08
Total Net Worth $105,413.65 $559.93 $104,853.72
Net Worth Comprised of
Retirement Savings: $29,881.15 $321.37 $29,559.78
401k $23,932.15 $361.08 $23,571.07
Roth IRA $5,949.00 -$39.71 $5,988.71
House Down Payment/CD's: $57,401.89 $157.06 $57,244.83
Future Car Savings $5,458.48 $157.76 $5,300.72
Emergency Fund/Money Market: $11,435.17 $227.89 $11,207.28
"Cash"/Checking: $1,236.96 -$304.15 $1,541.11

At first I was really concerned that I'd only increase my net worth by less than $560 because that's much less than my typical $2,000. There's two main reasons for this less than normal net worth increase, the first is that my Money Market decreased because I paid for part of my vacation that I'm taking in July the other main reason that my net worth decreased is that despite contributions of over $1700 to my retirement accounts they only increased by $321. I guess the current stock market and economy is finally taking its toll on me.

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