Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Right Move --- Wrong Time

I told you all almost a month ago about how my bedroom TV dieing about how I've really been wanting an LCD TV but couldn't justify the expense when I could borrow a TV. I eventually decided that I was going to go ahead and indulge myself with the luxury of a LCD TV but only after I had settled into my new apartment both physically and financially.

Well I'm almost physically settled (just a few more boxes to go) but financially I feel like I need to wait a few months for everything to balance back out BUT I've been handed a great deal on an LCD TV. A few days ago my mom was at Target and found a 26" Sony Bravia LCD TV on clearance marked down from $699 to $441. She went ahead and picked it up for me and showed up on my door step.

Before this TV fell into my lap I was planning to wait until June or July to buy a 19" TV (the same size screen as the one that died) and spending between $400 - $500 on an "average" brand TV.

Now I'm torn - do I take the bigger, better brand TV that's on clearance two-three months earlier than anticipated or do I return and wait for the right time and buy the more modest TV? Either way at least its the right price. I will say the longer the TV sits on my dresser waiting to be returned the more tempted I am to just go ahead and keep it.


Jim said...

Keep it. And thank your mom for looking out for your interests. One thing though - if you can do it tactfully you should make it clear to your mom that while you appreciate deals like this being brought to your attention, she doesn't have the right to spend money on your behalf. That decision is yours alone.

Mom @ Wide Open Wallet said...

Take it!! I'm going to use a phrase that really gets under my skin but... you deserve it. Seriously, I know you will "pay yourself back" so just sit back and enjoy it.

"Future Millionaire" said...

@ Jim - I've tried to tactfully do this many times with my mom. The biggest culprits is she brings me clothes but at least for the most part everything she's found for me has been returnable including the TV. My mom's a bit of a character.

@ mom - I'm leaning pretty heavily to just take it and then pay myself back. Especially the longer it sits on my dresser.

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